Steak and Salad

Steak and Salad Lunch

In keeping with our keep lunch simple with Martinnaise theme, here is a great tasting Banting / Keto lunch (yup the photo is of my lunch and it was yummy!). I used two sauce from our stable and combined them with a small steak and green salad and it tasted as though I was eating at an amazing restaurant. If you are blessed to have an office at home and can sneak into the kitchen on your lunchbreak, then you can do this one fresh. You can also prepare it at home and heat it at the office, either way it is great.

Now before I tell you what I did, I just want to point out that, no matter what all the fancy online home and professional chefs tell you, it is NEVER a good idea to cookpre-basted meat over open fire / coals. Because cooking styles vary so much, the risk of craeting carcinogens and free radicals are just too great. Besides, basting your meat just as it comes off ensures that your sauce and food flavours are in perfect harmony. IT is also a lot healthier that way!

What you will need:


Martinnaise Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

Lettuce (I love Butter Lettuce and Romaine Lettuce. I always use them in combination)

Baby tomatoes

Chalott or Red Onion

Martinnaise Garlic Banting / Keto Mayonnaise

Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Here's how I put it together:

So many of you steak gurus are going to curse me rigt now, I like cooking my steak on more moderate heat in stead of blast furnace level like so many experts do! I simply prod my steak on the chopping board from both sides with a long prong fork sto break down the connective tissue and thereby creating a really tender steak. Season with salt and pepper, rub it in and baste lightly with avocado oil and onto the fire or into the grill. Cook to how you like it and then coat with our sugar free BBQ sauce as it lands on the plate.

For the salad, chop lettuce and very finely slice a few red onion rings and scatter over the salad and top with a few baby tomatoes cut into quarters. Spoon some Martinnaise Garlic Banting/Keto Mayonnaise over the salad (to taste) and you have a great tasting, simple meal that will keep you satisfied un til the next mealtime.