Tangy Mayonnaise

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Tangy Martinnaise is a classic tangy vegan mayonnaise with delightful flavour notes of lemon, fruit and a subtle sweetness. It is a delicious low carb, low oil, and low fat mayonnaise. It is sugar free and does not contain MSG, preservatives or artificial colours. All ingredients are non-GMO. It contains no animal products. Martinnaise Tangy Mayonnaise is also available in 700g.

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Tangy Martinnaise is a plant based mayonnaise that is free from any animal products or animal derived ingredients. It is made with vegetable extracts and the goodness of pure golden sunflower oil. Tangy Martinnaise contains a mere 25% oil and is preservative and sugar free. All ingredients are non-GMO and all our products are also MSG free. Seasoned with non-irradiated spices and Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt. This mayonnaise is soya and gluten free and is also naturally cholesterol free.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Seeds) 25%, White Grape Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Erythritol, Thickener (Maize / Tapioca), Vegetable Protein (Pea), Mustard, Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt, Annatto

Serving Suggestions

Guys, this is potato salad and coleslaw 101! But not only that, you can use this mayo for anything that calls for good mayo - salads, sandwiches, vegan mayonnaise cake, don't be shy! Use it as a base for your very own vegan dips and dressings. This mayonnaise is perfect for vegans, vegetarians and people who generally follow a low carb, low oil, healthy eating lifestyle.

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1 Reviews
Jean Gray

Thank you is all i can say. My person is vegan and i am keto vegetarian. You can just imagine how restricted or hard it is to find food or products that is keto and vegetarian ot vegan. Vegans / Vegetarians rely heavily on sauces etc to make food delicious and your products are over and above delicious. It is an experience on its own. The best part of it is, we get to not only enjoy these beautiful products but we get to have them guilt free. Now in my books thats a win win situation for me. Healthy and delicious, very rare combo indeed but you mastered it. Well done and thank you again.