Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

Keto / Banting Vegan
5 reviews

Martinnaise Sugar Free BBQ Sauce is a delicious, sweet condiment that has engaging flavour notes of peach nectar harmonized with the deep richness of tomatoes and our own Soya-free soya sauce, wrapped in a blend of spices and undertones of the subtle smokey taste of caramel.

Made With

Martinnaise Sugar Free Barbecue Sauce is completely sugar free, starch and preservative free. It has no MSG or artificial colorants and is compatible with vegan, vegetarian, all LCHF, Banting and Keto eating plans. It contains no oil and uses Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt. This product is gluten free.

Serving Suggestions

If you are into three-sauce burgers Keto or Banting Low - Carb Style, this sauce is a must in your taste-trio! When used in combination with Martinnaise 1000 Island and Martinnaise Ultra-Creamy mayonnaise, you have the winning flavour sauce combo! This sauce be used in combination with any of our mayonnaise products for a taste sensation on salad - yup, BBQ sauce with mayo on salad, it is scrumptious. Baste chicken, steaks, chops, spare ribs or even roasts and watch the family lick their fingers in sheer delight!

Average Rating


5 Reviews
Annes Keyter

We always braai rashers and riblets and, they just aren't the same without a delicious sticky sauce. Martinnaise BBQ sauce is perfect to use as a basting. I can't imagine my braai without it.

Of all the healthy BBQ sauces on the market - this one is by far the best! It does not taste fake and can be used as a side sauce or as a marinade for chicken or chops.

Larissa van der Walt

This sugar-free BBQ sauce is divine, can't get enough of it! I pour it over EVERYTHING I eat! The balance between the salty BBQ and the sweetness is perfect.

Therusha Govender

The perfect bbq sauce. A great Smokey sweet flavor, without the tons of sugar that you find in other brands. A must have for anybody on a keto/Banting/ low carb lifestyle.

Making keto ribs sounds like heaven with this sauce!