Smokehouse Mayonnaise

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SmokeHouse Mayonnaise is a low carb, low oil, low fat mayonnaise with a distinct smokey flavour that reminds you of comfort food around a warm crackling fire fireplace. This plant based mayo is creamy with a subtle tangyness from grape vinegar and gentle supporting notes of mustard. All these wonderful flavours are wrapped up in a delicious smokey taste of real Hickory wood smoke. If you enjoy smoked food, you will love this mayo!

Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Seeds) 25%, White Grape Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Thickener (Maize / Tapioca), Vegetable Protein (Pea), Onion, Garlic, Spices, Mustard, Natural Cold Process Smoke, Erythritol, Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt

Made With

Martinnaise SmokeHouse Mayonnaise is a plant based mayonnaise that is free from any animal products or animal derived ingredients. It is made with vegetable extracts and the goodness of pure golden sunflower oil. Tangy Martinnaise contains a mere 25% oil and is preservative and sugar free. All ingredients are non-GMO and all our products are also MSG free. Seasoned with non-irradiated spices and Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt. This mayonnaise is soya and gluten free and is also naturally cholesterol free.

Serving Suggestions

Martinnaise SmokeHouse Mayonnaise is - as with our Wasabi and Balsamic mayonnaise - definitely for the discerning foodie who like to experiment with flavour and likes to venture beyond the normal and average. This mayonnaise is delicious as a condiment and even ingredient in so many foods and gives a delightful variation to just normal potato salad.