Savoury Mayonnaise

Keto / Banting
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Savory Banting / Keto Mayonnaise is a pourable smooth and creamy mayonnaise with savoury flavour notes of butter, lemon and mustard. It is a delicious all round mayonnaise, that can be used with so many scrumtious keto and Banting meals. Look at our meal ideas page for some examples. This product is available in both 250ml and 500ml.

Made With

Martinnaise Savory Banting /Keto mayonnaise is made with ethically sourced free range whole eggs and locally grown and pressed Avocado oil which we source directly from the farm where the fruit is grown and and the oil is pressed, right here in beautiful South Africa. Created with pure golden mustard and non-irradiated seasoning, spices and Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt. This mayonnaise product is free of dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, soya, starch, preservatives, gluten, MSG and all ingredients are non-GMO. This mayonnaise is 100% LCHF and meets Banting and Ketogenic diet requirements. Our product is gluten free.


Ingredients: Vegetable oil (Avocado) (52%) Lemon Juice, Grape Vinegar, Free Range Whole Egg, Erythritol, Mustard, Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt, Lactic Acid, Xanthan Gum

Serving Suggestions

This mayonnaise is ideally suited to the pallet that enjoys less-tangy mayonnaise. It is delicious as a creamy dressing on salads. I  combine it with our Sugar Free BBQ Sauce in many applications, like Banting Burgers, Banting Spare Ribs, sandwiches and as a condiment with various meals. It is delicious with Banting sushi, Banting Boerrie Rolls, It is ideal as a a base for a variety of dips and sauces for the adventurous home-chef.

Average Rating


5 Reviews
Zodwa Sihlangu

The fact that you I can get low carb mayonnaise which is chilli at the same time is such a win for me. Martinnaise makes my banting experience so much fun and so much easier, I pair mayonnaise with everything 😊

Annes Keyter

I am obsessed with mayonnaise. I'll have it on almost anything. Every single flavour of mayonnaise from this company is amazing but for me the gourmet just stands out from the crowd. I never thought I would find mayonnaise on the low carb lifestyle that is as good as standard mayonnaise but Martinnaise is even better!!!

Annes Keyter

The name says it all. If you want a deliciously, creamy mayonnaises look no further. This is it! It's hard to pick just one from all their amazing mayonnaises but this is definitely one of the Mayos you want to start with.

This is such a versatile product! You can put it on anything and it will just taste delicious!

I love this Banting/Keto Savoury mayonnaise. I literally squeeze it on anything edible in my kitchen 😍😍 Be it sandwiches; salads; potatoes; eggs😋😋 It tastes divine and before you realise it the bottle will be empty😋