Raw Unsweetened Cacao

Keto / Banting Vegan
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Our Raw Unsweetened Cacao is a non-alkalized, un-sweetened cacao powder. It offers a pure natural base for any good chocolate product. It adds a deep chocolate flavour to desserts, baking and beverages such as steaming hot chocolate.

Made With

Martinnaise Raw Unsweetened Cocoa powder is made by stripping the husks and then separating the fat, called cocoa butter, from the cacao beans during processing. The leftover dried solids get ground into powder and you have a natural raw cacao product. When you open the jar you get the mouthwatering aroma of chocolate and because it is unprocessed, you can make delicious hot chocolate with it straight from the bottle. It is not excessively bitter like conventional store-bought cocoa.


This product contains raw, non-alkalised Cacoa only. No preservatives, no sugar or sweeteners and no free flowing agents.

Serving Suggestions

This Raw Unsweetened Cacao Powder can be used in all baking that requires good quality cacao. It makes Delicious hot chocolate, home made chocolate mouse, home made chocolate and you are assured of great flavour every time.