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Our Premium MCT Oil is a pure, premium, high quality non-GMO MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil derived from coconut oil suitable for use in the Vegan/Vegetarian as well as the Keto/Banting eating lifestyles.

Made With

This Premium Oil product is made from the finest non-GMO coconuts. It contains 55-65% Capric Caprilic Acid (C8) and 35 - 45% Capric Acid (C10). It does not contain any Lauric Acid. This product does not contain any additives or preservatives.

Serving Suggestions

Our MCT Oil has many applications ranging from assisting with weight loss to cosmetic applications. Firstly as a food supplement there is more and more evidence suggesting that when used correctly in the LCHF diets especially, it may assist with weight loss, satiation and elevated energy levels. IT can be used in coffee, smoothies or as salad dressing. It is however not a frying oil and should not be heated. Ladies, this is a great and healthy way to remove make-up, is a wonderfully luxurious moisturizer that will leave your body feeling nourished and pampered. It absorbs beautifully and leaves your skin soft and nourished. Martinnaise MCT oil has no fragrance and does not interfere with your favorite fragrance. This works especially well in those dry winter months!

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1 Reviews
Larissa van der Walt

Before now I've never had MCT oil, but now I see it as a must in my house. I love putting it in my coffee or tea, not only for extra energy, but I found it helps me to think more clearly too. Plus, it makes my coffee taste even creamier!