Liquid Smoke

Keto / Banting Vegan
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Martinnaise Liquid Smoke Food Flavor. This product contains no alcohol or preservatives. It is Hickory wood smoke captured in a liquid base.
Made With
Martinnaise Liquid Smoke Food Flavor is made with Hickory wood smoke and purified water.
Serving Suggestions
Martinnaise Liquid Smoke Food Flavor can be used to flavour food or sauces where a a wood smoke taste is required. Add two or three drops to an omelette, or a few drops to a basting sauce. Add a few drops to coconut oil when frying food for that authentic wood smoke taste.
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1 Reviews
Larissa van der Walt

This takes me back to when I was younger and my dad used to perfectly smoke trouts that he would catch... I put a few drops into my food when cooking or frying, and it gives it the perfect complimentary flavour. It literally took the food I love to cook to the next level!