Dip - Garlic & Black Pepper

Keto / Banting
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Garlic & Black Pepper Banting / Keto Dip. This is a luxuriously smooth and creamy avocado oil and free range egg based dip bursting with  the flavours of garlic and black pepper. Although it has a high content of avocado oil, there is no taste of avocado, just melt in your mouth garlic and pepper!

Made With

Martinnaise Garlic & Black Pepper Banting / Keto Dips product is made with ethically sourced free range eggs and locally grown and pressed Avocado Oil, and seasoned with Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt and no-irradiated black pepper and spices. It does not contain preservatives, colorants or MSG and it is non-GMO. As with all our products, the oils are not hydrogenated. This product is gluten free.


Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (Avocado Fruit) (52%), Lemon Juice, Spirit Vinegar, Whole Free Range Egg, Erythritol, Garlic, Black Pepper, Mustard, Spices, Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt, Lactic Acid, Flavouring, Xanthan Gum

Serving Suggestions

Martinnaise Garlic & Black Pepper Banting / Keto Dip is very flavorful and creamy, but apart from being a delicious dip, it tastes great on steamed asparagus or grilled chicken. Add some to cream mushrooms and experience the mouthwatering difference! As with all our products, versatility is what adds to making this product so special!

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2 Reviews
Therusha Govender

Love this poduct! So good drizzled over any protein or veggies. Great flavor and quality ingredients!

I eat this out of the tub, its so delicious! If you have more self control than me, it goes great with snacks as well!