Dip - Creamy Cheddar

Keto / Banting
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Creamy Cheddar Banting / Keto Dip is made with avocado oil and crammed with real cheddar cheese! It is smooth and creamy with rich flavour of cheddar. If you enjoy good cheese, this one is going to have you going until the tub is empty! This is one of my personal favorites!

Made With

Our Creamy Cheddar Banting / Keto Dip is product is made with lots and lots of cheddar cheese, export quality locally grown Avocado fruit  oil and free range eggs, Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt and spices. It does not contain preservatives, colorants or MSG and it is non-GMO. This product is gluten free. Even though we use avocado oil there is no avocado flavour in this dip, it just explodes with charm and delightful flavoure of cheddar cheese. It is the perfect combination of low carb and good fats to add a new dimension to your Keto / Banting way of life.


Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (Avocado Fruit) (52%), Cheddar Cheese, Grape Vinegar, Whole Free Range Egg, Erythritol, Mustard, Spices, Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt, Lactic Acid, Xanthan Gum

Serving Suggestions

So calling it a Dip is a give away for its obvious use, but you should try it on cauliflower as an amazing cheese sauce! Try this: Slice and sauté some button mushrooms, season with Himalayan Rock Salt and black pepper, then stir in some Martinnaise Creamy Cheddar Dip and use as filling in an omelette and garnish with some freshly chopped spring onions or chives - wow - scrumptious and tastealicious! You will be satiated for hours! Or, stir a tub full into a veggie bake, you will love the transformation, even the kids will love it!

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3 Reviews
Therusha Govender

Such a delicious dip, so savory and delicious! Perfect with crudités, seed crackers and pork crackling. Also yummy as a spread on sandwiches.

I remember the day I bought this dip - I HAD to make snacks when I got home. Which I did. :D I did not disappoint!

Dipping all your keto crackers into this bad boy sounds amazing!